Why Globalingo?
If you want accurate Translation, Proofreading, Editing, DTP services of highest quality, then we are your considered choice. Our reputation has been built on our high quality, competitive rates and punctuality. These are the good reasons for the instant increase of the base of our respected clients.
Working with more than 200 highly professional and skilled translators, localizers and DTP specialists worldwide, we are able to professionally handle your multi-lingual projects. Our professionals are selected according to strict criteria; hey should be highly qualified native speakers with ad-hoc knowledge of your industry sector. Our work strategy ensures that the final deliverables will be technically, linguistically and culturally error-free. Having once used our services, we are sure that you will return to us again.
High-quality translations are vital to business success. Our corporation puts each translation through multiple quality checks to ensure you get the highest quality that you deserve. After finishing translation, the job is reviewed by a professional proofreader. Then, the translation is passed over to a specialized editor whose work is to make sure that the final material is accurately suitable to the culture and concepts of the target audience.
Finally, The translation is passed to a linguist to make sure that the translation is totally free from any linguistic mistakes. We are keen on choosing the best qualified native speakers of the target language to perform all these tasks. Hence, we assure you to get the best quality ever